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    Brooklyn Laboratory Charter Schools (LAB) was founded in 2014 as a middle school for grades 6 through 8. The Apple, Inc.-affiliated organization opened its high school wing in 2017 after receiving a $10 million grant from Emerson Collective in a national competition. This enables the institution to monitor students until they receive their diplomas following graduation.


    This innovative school network, known locally as the LAB, is located in the heart of the Brooklyn Tech Triangle. Their scholars comprise the majority of the approximately 600 students enrolled annually in their two programs, primarily youth of color from economically disadvantaged households.


    According to its mission statement, the LAB aims to "prepare scholars with the academic foundation, digital literacy, and leadership skills required to succeed in college and professional life as they mature into ethical leaders." Student and educator feedback supports this objective as they continue to meet the community's needs.


    The LAB's Unique Approach to Urban Community Education

    The educational options at Brooklyn LAB include athletics, extracurricular clubs, and technological pursuits. Brooklyn LAB was designed to meet the extensive needs of urban students. Teachers use a curriculum that combines enrichment classes, traditional academics, and individualized tutoring to meet students' needs.


    This makes the LAB charter school a superior option for goal-oriented students underserved by their current school district. By rethinking traditional systems, they empower youth with personalized learning and treat each student individually.


    The LAB Formula for Getting Students to Their Graduation Objective


    Each student, including those with special needs, must complete a rigorous advanced placement academic curriculum according to the Brooklyn LAB school model. They provide a school-designed student-to-teacher ratio and a variety of programs that can meet the rigorous needs of every student. The LAB formula is comprised of three major components:


    Extra Time in School: Extended days throughout the school year keep students focused on their academics and extracurricular activities, such as digital media, visual arts, robotics, and tech coding, that other schools do not typically offer.

    Next Generation Learning: Brooklyn Laboratory Charter Schools (LAB) prioritizes learning in science, technology, engineering, the arts, and mathematics to prepare students for college success (STEAM).


    High-Dose Tutoring: Participants receive at least two hours per day of a small group or individual tutoring from trained staff and college graduates.


    Most classrooms have two teachers, allowing this program to assist students who are struggling and those who are excelling. Regardless of their academic successes and failures, students feel stigmatized less frequently.


    A 7th grader at the LAB explained, "The teacher is permitted to assist you if you are having difficulty." "If you're an expert in a subject, they'll assign you more difficult tasks."


    Assistance for English Language Learners


    New York is renowned for its welcoming attitude toward immigrants, and many Brooklyn students arrive in the United States with limited or no English language skills. The Brooklyn LAB emphasizes its support for English language learners (ELLs) through a tiered system that offers enhanced intervention and development programming to those who require it.


    This is essential, as 80 percent of their faculty and students identify as people of color, most of whom are immigrants. The school strives to have one of the area's most diverse teacher and student populations.


    Students with Disabilities enrolled at the LAB.


    Regarding diversity, nearly one-third of students at this middle and high school in Brooklyn identify as students with disabilities. Because charter schools have greater autonomy over meeting students' needs, Brooklyn Laboratory Charter Schools (LAB) can offer supplementary educational services to their disabled students.


    This enables students with disabilities to achieve their academic goals through specialized instruction tailored to their needs. The staff works with parents and families to ensure that these students' needs are met at home and provide programs that stimulate their desire to learn.


    Intensive Tutoring


    Middle school students at Brooklyn Lab receive tutoring four times per week for 50 minutes, for 200 minutes per week. However, this time is incorporated into the existing academic schedule, and students are placed in tutoring groups based on their individual needs and objectives.


    Students receive grades each week, and tutors visit classrooms weekly to provide support instruction and observe the students' learning environment. The results of intensive tutoring through a fellowship program not only meet the needs of students but also aid in the retention of teachers.


    Teachers are aware of a support system, which reduces their stress and gives them a second viewpoint on what students may require individually. In addition, aspiring educators can explore a path to becoming fully certified teachers by becoming tutors.


    Seeking an Outstanding Charter School in Brooklyn?


    Visit the Brooklyn Laboratory Charter Schools (LAB) to determine if this reputable institution meets your child's needs. You will quickly recognize the support they offer students and their families based on their test scores, attendance requirements, and participation levels. Above all else, you'll notice the students' smiles. Visit the school to discover one of the finest educational facilities in the city.