• Brooklyn Laboratory Charter Schools (LAB)




    The LAB, short for Brooklyn Laboratory Charter Schools (LAB), is an innovative school network founded in 2014 as a middle school serving youth up to 8th grade. After winning a $10 million grant from Emerson Collective in a nationwide contest, the Apple, Inc. affiliated organization opened up its high school wing in 2017. This allows the institution to see students through receiving their diplomas after graduation. Located in the heart of the Brooklyn Tech Triangle, this growing school serves around 600 students between the two programs annually. Their scholars are predominantly youth of color that come from economically distressed households. The LAB, a community organization that aims to empower youths through education and leadership development, has been praised by students and educators for their work in the local community. According to its mission statement, the LAB aims to "prepare scholars with the academic foundation, digital literacy, and leadership skills necessary to succeed in college and professional life as they grow as ethical leaders." The reviews from both groups support this goal as they continue to meet the community's needs. Brooklyn LAB was designed to meet the high needs of urban students. The school offers various educational options, including athletics, extra-curricular clubs, and technological pursuits. The teachers use a combined curriculum with enrichment classes, traditional academics, and personalized tutoring to meet students' needs.